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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Long time no post! I know it’s been a while.

I stopped blogging when I started writing reviews for a new website (, but my posts over there are limited to about one a week. I still have a lot of reviews that weren’t posted, and my top ten list remains a notebook scribbbling.

I may not write as often as I used to–college is being particularly soul-sucking now as I wallow in the middle of my junior year–but I will be posting what I can’t put on the other website. [I’d put all my writings on my blog, but I don’t get paid for this.]

Indeed, this has been a year of disappointments in movies (“WALL-E,” “The Dark Knight,” “Doubt,” “Revolutionary Road”) along with some surprises (see list below). I haven’t seen nearly all the films that were released this year, including some highly-praised movies that played at Toronto and Cannes but haven’t been released in New Orleans yet (“Che,” “Waltz with Bashir,” “Gomorrah,” etc.) I still managed to come up with a decent list of films for those behind in their movie-watching to check out. Some are still playing in theaters while others are now—or will soon be—on DVD.

Since no one can safely fit all the notable movies of the year in a list of ten, honorable mentions are essential additions to every top-ten list. My few for this year:

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