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Horton is hearing a what?

I was expecting something along the lines of the disastrous live-action version of The Grinch from about five years ago (which also starred Jim Carrey). Thank God, I got something much more than I expected – but not too much more. Honestly, Horton Hears a Who! actually could have earned a slot as a classic family film if it would have stuck more to the sentiments of Dr. Seuss. Even though the movie is uneven and all over the place, it works very well when it works, so the movie earns a modest recommendation.

The voices are essential to the success of the movie, and they work just enough of the time. Carrey, as usual, is fun in small doses when he is in a main role – which is the problem. Since he voices the title character, it’s almost impossible for Carrey to resist overacting in every scene he’s in. Which is practically every scene of the movie. Will Arnett, who was brilliant on Arrested Development, does a terrible accent when he portrays Vlad, the devious vulture who has plans to rid of the speck. Steve Carrell is the only voice that really stands out. He does an amazing job making the audience sympathize with the Mayor of Whoville, who is trying to keep control of both his town as it begins to enter chaos and his 97 children.

But as many cons as there are, Horton Hears a Who! has enough pros to make it worth seeing. There are better movies out there to see (Funny Games, The Spiderwick Chronicles), but if you’re in the mood for something light and breezy, Horton Hears a Who! is your best bet.

Rating: 7/10



  1. Joey, Joey, Joey – I just saw your comment on Emerson’s blog re: the worst films ever.

    Norbit is not “average bad” and never will be!!!!

    And my mind fails to grasp how you view Haggis as too heavy-handed, yet you heap praise on Funny Games, the most smug, self-congratulatory movie of the decade.

    Now that my lecture is over, I’ll say this: nice website. :)

  2. Actually, the name of the blog should just be changed. A friend of mine also contributed to it in 2005, but…It’s been just me for some time.


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