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Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson team up for the laziest movie of the season with Fool’s Gold, a movie about a recently-divorced couple who go on the search for treasure. And what’s sad is that the movie is lamer than its premise.

Hudson isn’t the best of actresses, so even though the script is pretty bad as is, she isn’t talented enough to elevate it to something more. Actually, if anything, she demotes its poor quality. McConaughey and any of the notable actors in the movie (like Donald Sutherland and Ray Winstone) don’t make the movie any more tolerable.

The story is incredibly generic and formulaic. The writers don’t even bother to make an effort to make a joke or character with an infinitesimal amount of originality (which is merely nonexistent). The only way you could find this stuff to be fresh is if you’ve never seen a movie before. Ever. And even then, you would be skeptical that this is worth the $8.50 for a ticket.

If you were my friend, and I knew that you went to go see this, I’d be disappointed in you. Really.

Rating: 4/10


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  1. I think this movie is a bunch of fun and adventure…As the story plot it is the story of a recently-divorced couple who join together for a search of treasure…Hope this will not be much like National Treasure for a change…

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