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The critics are already going crazy over 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days.

I figured that it would only be appropriate on the first day of the new year to highlight some of the movies I’m highly anticipating for the next three months. (I love lists!)


In the Name of the King: a Dungeon Siege Tale – I’ve never seen a Uwe Boll movie, but I indeed know of his terrible reputation. I don’t plan on seeing any of his older work (Alone in the Dark, House of the Dead… okay, maybe BloodRayne in all it’s Billy Zane/Udo Kier/Ben Kingsley glory) but after checking out one of the few killer trailers for Postal (which can’t seem to get a finalized release date), I’m actually willing to give him a shot since he seems to be able to take himself lightly. Maybe King will be the same kind of fun — but unintentionally.

Cassandra’s Dream – A new movie from Woody Allen. Okay, maybe those words don’t mean what they used to, but if Match Point did anything, it showed Allen hasn’t lost his touch. Cassandra’s Dream is a return to Allen’s more serious side after the poorly-received comedy Scoop, so I think it’s fair to be pretty hyped about this one.

Silly horror movie or serious statement on sexuality?

Teeth – Hope this doesn’t spoil anything for you, but it’s about a girl with teeth on her vagina. Sounds crazy enough to work! It has the potential to be a dark Heathers-esque social commentary or some direction I’m not even thinking of.

Be Kind Rewind – When I first saw the trailer, I thought it looked a little too silly, but I’ve seen it again since, and it has that odd Michel Gondry charm. I’d like to see it, but I’m hoping praying it doesn’t fall flat like the director’s previous project that he also wrote by himself, The Science of Sleep.

4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days – Winner of the Golden Palm at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, this movie was put on A.O. Scott’s top ten list for 2007 because he couldn’t wait another year to tell people how good it is. Say no more!


My Blueberry Nights – Another Golden Palm nominee from last year. In the Mood for Love is a beautiful movie, but that’s all I’ve seen from Wong Kar-wai. The buzz isn’t too hot about it, but I trust Cannes. (Even though I probably shouldn’t: most recently, nominees have included Shrek 2, Where the Truth Lies, and the Coens’ remake of The Ladykillers.)

Vantage Point – This, actually, may be really, really bad. But if it’s as adrenaline-pumping as it’s trailer (this is a real roll of the dice since the trailer is supposed to make me want to see the movie), count me in.

Penelope – I remember seeing pictures of Christina Ricci with a handkerchief over her face and didn’t understand what the movie could be about. It’s a fairy tale (I’ll leave it at that), and I think it’ll be quite the gem.


Snow Angels – David Gordon Green’s newest movie (before The Pineapple Express in August). Sounds a little too “indie” (like some of the ’90s movies that IFC plays over and over again), but I have hope.

I’m no sadist, but this is a beautiful image.

Funny Games – Next to 4 Months, the movie I’m most anticipating in these coming months. To those who love the 1997 original, don’t worry, for this is not in the hands of some recent film school grad: Michael Haneke is helming a shot-by-shot remake of the movie he directed 11 years ago. I’m a fan of his (his films are both hypnotic and challenging), and I can’t wait to see what he’s accomplished with what seems like, on paper, should be a total failure. And about the orgasmic trailer: Adjectives describing the movie are interspliced between shots not unlike A Clockwork Orange‘s trailer, and the stocatto notes of “In the Hall of the Mountain King” counting the tempo of the quick-cut violent imagery is simply magical. And doesn’t Michael Pitt seem just so frighteningly good? I’m thinking about doing a shot-by-shot study of the trailer because I love it so much.

Drillbit Taylor – Judd Apatow is producing, and Seth Rogen is co-writing. That’s all I need to know.

Stop Loss – Kimberly Pierce’s first feature directing job since Boys Don’t Cry (she did an episode of The L Word), and Ryan Phillippe’s performance looks nothing short of fantastic in this story that needs to be told, one about a soldier unwilling to repeat his tour of duty in Iraq despite the government’s order.

Other than that, everything seems pretty lukewarm or like a complete missfire, like the remake of Takashi Miike’s One Missed Call.

So, the studios have gone through every single Asian director to copy from, and now they’re at Miike? Can’t wait for the American version of Audition: M. Night Shyamalan directs Jessica Alba sticking needles into Adam Sandler, and then we realize it was all a dream and happily ever after — but there’s another twist…

Back to highly-anticipated releases between now and the end of March: feel free to submit your own lists and comments! Maybe you came across something special that I missed.


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