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I haven’t contributed to a blog-a-thon before, but I will be participating in four within the next month! (One of them started to day, as a matter of fact.) I’ve already finished one post, which I’ll post at the appropriate time.

And anyone can join in on the extravaganza! As far as I know for all these, anyone with a blog can contribute, and if you’d like more information, below are the dates for the upcoming blog-a-thons and links to the post about the blog-a-thon and it’s hosting site.

For the endings blog-a-thon, I’ll post my shot-by-shot study of The Long Good Friday, one of the great crime movies, which has sucked out a lot of my hours this weekend. (I may try to do another post regarding the ending of Mon Oncle, a personal favorite of mine.) When I finally get to post it, I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the rundown:

December 16 – 22: A Powell and Pressburger Blog-a-thon @ Beyond the Valley of the Cinephiles


December 27 – 30: The Endings Blog-a-thon @ Joe’s Movie Corner


January 1 – 5: Opening Credits Blog-a-thon @ Continuity [no image]

January 6: Supporting Actress Blog-a-thon at StinkyLulu


See you then, and happy posting!


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