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As Bill Maher might say, new rule:

I will no longer be using stars as ratings. Every time I come across other star ratings, it seems like the point in using them is to say how “technically” good the movie is, begging people to be objective about critiquing movies. For example, I loved Bee Movie, but I feel that I should rate it two stars or so, because really, it isn’t a masterpiece, or even that well put together. But I can’t give it two stars, because then that would mean I’m not recommending it. Right?

I just can’t find a reason to be objective about something as subjective as art.

When I personally rate movies, I score them out of ten, showing how much I liked it on a gut level. 1/10 means it’s the worst piece of garbage with hardly any redeeming qualities (if any at all), and a 10/10 says the film is a masterpiece of the cinema and one of my favorite movies ever made (not necessarily worthy of a Top Ten Of All Time list, though). You’ll be able to figure out anything in between.

I won’t change any of my past ratings (it’s a simple conversion: zero stars=1/10, half-star=2/10…four stars=9/10, Great Movie ranking=10/10), but from now on, I will stick with ratings out of ten.


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