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I’ve lifted a few things from Roger Ebert while writing this blog, most prominently the Great Movie reviews that I post from time to time. I will borrow something else from his website: one-minute reviews, a section that I will categorize as In Brief.

I started this blog with the intention of providing anyone who wants to hear my opinion on movies, whether I think they are masterpieces or less than mediocre, with my thoughts. I’ve always loved to read reviews because they have given me a way of deciding what to watch, and friends’ recommendations have always been helpful. I hope to do the same for you; even if you are the one and only reader who gets something out of my writings, and I can be an influence on your movie-picking choices, I’ll feel whole at the end of the day.

As many movies as I see (on average one a day) and while going to school, I find it impossible to write a thought-out review for each and every movie I view, yet I still want to share my opinions. I will still write more in-depth reviews, but for movies that I feel I can sum up my feelings in a minute or so of reading, I will provide about a paragraph concerning a movie I recently watched.

Hope you like this addition, and happy viewing!


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